Journal of Chemistry


Voulume: 15
Issue: 3
Article No. 1
Conductance Studies of Alkali Metal Halides in 10%(W/W) 2-(Ethoxy) Ethanol-Water Mixture
Department of Chemistry Sanjay, Ghodawat Medical Academy, Sanjay Ghodawat University, Atigre - 416118, Maharastra (India)
Abstract :

Conductance behavior of Sodium, Potassium and Rubedium chlorides and Potassium bromide and iodide in 10%(W/W) 2-(ethoxy) ethanol – water mixture has been studied at 30o , 35o and 40oC. The equivalent conductance data have been analysed by making use of Fuoss-Kraus, Shedlovsky and Fuoss(1980) conductance equations to evaluate Lambda0 and KA . There is a reasonable agreement between Lambda0 and KA values obtained by Fuoss-Kraus and Sehdlovsky extrapolation techniques. But the values obtained by Fuoss (1980) equation are greater. An attempt is made to split Lambda0 values of different electrolytes into ionic contribution. Different theories of ion-pair formation have been applied in order to evaluate the distance of closest approach. It is observed that all the theories exhibit their inability to predict the exact ion-association process. Walden products left ( rightlambda0pmeta0left right ) are calculated to understand the solvation behavior.

Keyword : Electrical conductance, liquid mixtures, solute u2013 solvent interactions, alkali metal salts, 2- (Ethoxy) ethanol Walden product, Fouss equation
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Article No. 2
Comparative study of Hypoglycemic activity of gliclazide to its silver complex
Department of Chemistry, Saifia College of Science & Education Bhopal (India)
Department of Chemistry, Saifia College of Science & Education Bhopal (India)
Abstract :

Gliclazide, N-(4-Methyl Benzene Sulphonyl)-N-(3-azo bicycle (3,3,0-Oct-3-yl) urea trade name Diamicron, an oral hypoglycemic agent was used to synthesize its complex with Ag(I). The hypoglycemic activity of gliclazide was observed on experimental animals (dogs) and then compared with Ag Complex, using Folin-Wu method. Results reveals that the gliclazide Ag-Complex is more effective than that of parent drug.This blood sugar lowering effect of sulfonylureas seems to be related to the stimulation of insulin secretion. On the other hand many studies have strongly indicated the presence of long term or extra pancreatic action of sulfonylureas. The interesting observation on metal complex of oral sulfonylurea used as anti-diabetic agent for lowering blood sugar concentration may likely substantiates the use of these complex after extensive clinical studies.

Keyword : Silver complex, ,Hypoglycemic Activity, Diabetes Melitus, Antidiabetics
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